The manufacture of chairs, as an object of furniture with a backrest for a single person's seat, traditionally symbolizes the status of its owner. Especially in chairs and armchairs with the most expressive features of the particular style of furniture and style in general. 

Modern wooden chairs, made in the most interesting design decisions, no longer resemble an ancient luxury, but in many respects the imperial thrones prevail over the comfort and ergonomics.

The purpose of the SKIF company's work is to make them as practical, ergonomic and durable as possible. All these tasks are successfully performed precisely in the manufacture of wooden chairs, since only wood can last for a long time and only wood can provide warmth and home comfort, even in the interior of a public establishment.


Enterprise MF "Skif" (Chernivtsi region) is a producer of high-quality wooden furniture (beech and oak beams) and we are able to execute orders of wholesale buyers in a short time.


The company has its own production facilities, which can provide any requirements wholesalers. Adjusted logistic connections and qualified staff will help you choose the best offer for the customer